Journal’s Website Management

For those, who would wish to set up their own journal’s website, but have no resources, Journals Tube provides easy tools to establish web presence within couple minutes. Simply choose predefined template and you are ready to go. All information provided through dedicated solution, like journal description, editorial board information; instructions for authors and content, as well as price structure will be automatically transferred to your journal’s “stand alone” website having regard to the international standards of publishing. If you’d like to have your own design but can’t make it by your resources, our team will do all the work for you for a modest setup price.

Boarding journal’s readership and increasing citation count are the two most critical success indicators for editorial teams. Having a well thought out strategy for a journal’s development is a key to success. Such strategies can only be effectively developed on evidence-based decisions, which requires effective analytical and communication tools. Journals Tube provides statistical analysis of journal’s usage and popularity. This general statistical analysis provides information on the total number of visits to the journal’s website structured by country and gives bold information on the journal’s popularity.

Detailed statistical analysis such as abstracts visits, PDF downloads or author’s statistics gives more precise information on journal’s development and helps to identify most popular subjects and authors. These data can be monitored on a timeframe and geographical basis giving the opportunity for comparison. Identification of most popular subjects and authors help editors to develop a journal in the way to be most attractive to readers.

Journal articles are stored in XML because it supports all languages and scripts, it allows for information such as abstracts and author details to be published in the original local language so that users can immediately discover and access the information they are looking for.