Scientific Marketing

Inadequate international journal’s presentation is also a major problem for journals. 4 Medicineoffers effective ways of reaching wide international audience. One, is through expertise of 4 Medicine staff. Expertise enclose ranging from the qualitative to the quantitative. The journal’s basic publishing standards, its editorial content, the international diversity of its authorship, and thecitation data associated with it are all considered.

Active communication with subscribers, authors and reviewers can be established targeted eNewsletter which is containing your desired message. Thisrepresents an excellent tool for informing potential readers about selected articles of interest recently published in your journal as well as critical events, concerning your journal.

Journals and their content are also accessible through Google Scholar, a general scientific search engine, doubling the chances for readership and citation. Last but not least, networking information enables one-click-away access to crucial topics published in the journal.