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Publishing scientific journals is a complex task. On one hand, inexpensive online publishing creates an irresistible temptation for setting up a new journal, and on the other hand, the already crowded market and strong international competition leaves little hope for a true international success. An efficient and professional editorial office requires sophisticated and expensive management software, without which reaching for success is virtually impossible today. Due to a high price tag, such editorial office management systems are most often out of the reach for small academic-based editorial teams

4 Medicine offers a Journals Tube, the most complete and comprehensive yet affordable - web-based Editorial Office Management System. It has been designed for editors and publishers of small-tomedium size, academic-based scholarly journals with limited technical resources and financial revenues

Journals Tube key features:

  • effective on-line manuscript submission and tracking,
  • web-based editorial processing,
  • online peer-reviewing,
  • online publishing,
  • website content management,
  • creating any language version,
  • journal’s international dissemination and scientific marketing,
  • preparation for successful international databases indexation,
  • subscribers/authors/reviewers database management,
  • journal’s development strategy planning.

Furthermore 4 Medicine offers:

  • DOI registration numbers, providing metadata to CrossRef,
  • reporting to the indexed journal abstracts services, full-text databases and Open Access directories,
  • assistance in the application to international database, advice on how to increase citation,
  • preliminary evaluation according to the top world scientific databases,
  • professional scientific consulting.